Last Christmas

Saturday, 23.12.2017 | 8:15 pm

Last Christmas

Christiano Pahler | Comedy, Drama | 77min | Italy 2016 | OmeU | German Premiere

On Christmas’ Eve morning, Mulars’ family is shocked by the loss of the mother, Anna Maria. Her two sons, Antonio, who is forty-five and who’s just rushed back to Sardinia from Genoa, and Francesco, who is thirty-five, will run into incredible (mis)adventures in order to organize the burial, facing a chaotic and extemporary bureaucracy mixed with the calm immobilism of the small town where they live. A surreal and grotesque day, during which the Mulars family will be challenged.

Antonio: Andrea Bruschi
Francesco: Gabriele Farci
Mr. Mular: Piergiorgio Bittichesu
Mrs. Mular: Giannella Manca
Alessandra: Evita Ciri
Orazio: Raffaele Corti
Natale Felice: Giulio Neglia
Pasquale Felice: Giulio Cancelli
General Register Office Employee: Roberto Boassa
General Register Office Manager: Alice Capitanio
Guardian of the Graveyard: Giampaolo Loddo
Shitty: Olivieri

Director: Christiano Pahler
Writers: Christiano Pahler, Antonio Carone
Producer: Fabrizio Saracinelli
Production Manager: Cristina Leonelli
Cinematography: Claudio Marceddu
Sound: Edoardo Sirocchi
Set Designer: Marta Romano
Costume Designer: Sara Sechi
Make-up Artist: Maria Pilo
Post-production: Guasco
Editor: Gianvito Caputo
Soundtrack: Raffaele Petrucci
Music: Raffaele Petrucci, Christiano Pahler

Production: Guasco