Bended Realities (Shorts)

Bended Realities (Shorts)

9 International Short Films | 84min

Reality bites back. Nothing is what it seems, especially not at Christmas. From parallel worlds, charming identity crises, dancers in dream realms, planned reincarnations, heart-warming encounters from the beyond to little white lies to save the family: You have to read between the lines, because things are upside down here.

Saturday, 23.12. | 22:00 Uhr

A sweet dark X-mas

Hugo Belhassen | Comedy | 3min | Canada 2020 | OmeU
X-mas with tension and love.

Unexpected Delivery

Dagmar Scheibenreif | Dark Comedy | 15min | UK 2022 | OV | German Premiere
It’s Christmas and Vicar Peter Donovan receives a promotion from the Central Soul Production; to purify a soul sent straight from Hell due to a soul shortage. Meanwhile his wife, Harriet, finds out she is finally pregnant.

God Has Forgotten Us in the Backseat of a Locked Car During Summer

Kyle Heller | Experimental Film | 11min | Germany 2022 | OmeU
A set of mistranslations offer competing interpretations as to what is really going on when a young woman disposes of a Christmas tree at night.

Puer aeternus / The Little Child

Michele Pastrello | Experimental Film | 7min | Italy 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
A man walks lost in the wood, trying to orient himself with a compass. He ends up in a suggestive old house looked after by two mysterious men. One of them has an hourglass in his hand and allows the man to go in, but only for a limited time.


Liang Han | Drama | 7min | China 2023 | OmeU
Ying Zhang wants to look after her son who lies in the hospital. On her way she comes across a woman in labor and desperate need of help.

Errors in Geography: Festively Engaged

Mykola Yeriomin | Musik Video | 4min | Ukraine 2015 | OmeU | German Premiere
As the winter holidays approach, it’s time to sing a song about it, while hoping for better.


Arturs Voblikovs | Animation | 1min | UK 2022 | OmeU | German Premiere
Who do you identify as?

The Family Circus

Andrew Fitzgerald | Dramedy | 18min | USA 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
A Vietnamese-American family tries to cover up a drunk driving accident, but their plan begins to unravel as their emotional baggage spills out in front of a cop.

Jõululaupäev / Christmas Day

Alexandra Pärn | Dramedy | 18min | Estonia 2023 | OmeU
Amidst all the chaos at the dinner table, Pia finds herself in a moment of a different reality, through which she manages to regain her Christmas joy and gets a reminder of how much we need acceptance in good and bad times.