Variations of Snow (Shorts)

Variations of Snow (Shorts)

13 International Short Films | 87min
Guest: Jennifer Jordan

There is not much snow anymore. Thank you, climate change. So, the winter has to come to the movies. Adventurous stories in remote landscapes tell of survival in the wilderness, stuttering cars, romantic ropeway rides, weird rituals, the crux of social networks and overcoming boredom. Put your warmest cloth on and stomp into the refreshing cold.

Friday, 21.12. | 18:00 Uhr


Jack Anderson, Jimmy Stofer | Animation | 2min | USA 2018 | OV | German Premiere
An interpretation of the creation of snowflakes.

To Build a Fire

Fx Goby | Animation | 13min | France, UK 2016 | OV
In the harshness of midwinter, a trapper is crossing the Yukon with his dog. Struggling to survive, he attempts to build a simple fire.


Dieter Deswarte | Documentary | 19min | Russia 2013 | OmeU
A portrait about an iconic vehicle and a few of its last remaining drivers. The humorous and intimate story explores people’s affinity to a Russian car that stereotypically is considered as one of the worst in the world.

Made in Maine

Rachel Caron | Music Video | 6min | USA 2018 | OV | German Premiere
A rap song that sheds a comedic light on life in the (sometimes not so) Great North East, and the only state with one syllable, Maine.

Drahtseilakt / Tight Rope Act

Esra Laske, Markus Ott, Bianca Scali | Animation | 4min | Germany 2018 | OV
A romantic ride in a ski gondola goes wrong. Proposals and murder attempts will not leave the couple unscathed.

Sex at the Ski Center

Heikki Ahola | Experimental Film | 3min | Finland 2017 | OV
When it is cold outside, it gets hot at the ski center.

O jól tré / Oh Christmas Tree

Returned Resident | Animation | 2min | Iceland, Netherlands 2014 | OV | World Premiere
When a resident returns to his local community in rural Iceland he introduces a weird use of the Christmas tree. A new tradition is born.


Jennifer Jordan | Comedy | 15min | UK, Finland 2017 | OV | World Premiere
A girl trapped by her own fears and boredom is one day given the opportunity to break the cycle. With the help of a penguin.

The Snow Guardian

Morgan Heim | Documentary | 5min | USA 2016 | OV | German Premiere
For 40 years, ‘billy barr’ has lived alone in small cabin in one of the coldest places in the United States – the ghost town of Gothic, CO. With no knowledge that the climate was changing, he started collecting data about snowpack to pass the time in his isolated part of the world.

Otřes / Tremble

Josef Žárský | Animation | 4min | Czech Republic 2018 | OV
An old Inuit woman is addicted to social networks, and that has a fatal influence on her ability to obtain food. A film about guns and mobile phones.

Silent Land

Andreas Zuber | Music Video | 2min | Swiss 2017 | OV
Follow us to Silent Land. Cold, barren and yet of terrifying beauty.

Dvalemodus / Hibernation

Bieke Mattias, Depoorter de Craene | Experimental Film | 9min | Belgium, Germany, Norway 2017 | OmeU
A Norwegian village, engulfed in everlasting darkness. In states of endless slumber, people endure the stifling dark. Powerful forces of nature rage relentlessly, sometimes soothing and sometimes menacing.

The Snow Girl

Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith / Mixtape Club | Animation | 4min | USA 2017 | OV | German Premiere
Newly arrived from Japan, Yuki confronts a group of bullies and discovers a secret about her father’s past – and herself.