Ура! Каникулы / Hoorah! It’s a Holiday

Ура! Каникулы / Hoorah! It’s a Holiday

Maxim Demchenko | Family Film, Comedy | 94min | Russia 2016 | OmeU

Finally, winter holidays! Only Pavel is not in a good mood. He is in love with the older girl Tamara, who ignores him. When Pavel’s family goes to a mountain ski resort to celebrate the New Year, there he meets Tamara again. But a line of disasters pursues Pavel.
Accidentally Pavel finds a precious necklace stolen from a museum. The robbers are intended on getting it back and take Pavel’s little sister as hostage. Pavlick has to use all his resources to resist the robbers, to help the parents reconcile and to rescue his sister.

Sunday, 22.12. | 14:00 Uhr

Sergey Markeev
Diana Milutina
Mariana Smirnova
Anna Kovalchuk
Varya Rastorgina
Vitaly Kovalenko
Dmitry Lysenkov
Julia Kudoyar
Yury Itskov
Andrew Pinzaru

Director: Maxim Demchenko
Writers: Yana Desyatkova, Vladimir Zaharenko, Viktoria Nikolenko, Sergey Snezhkin, Maxim Demchenko
DoP: Ivan Makarov
Music: Maxim Koshevarov
Production Design: Sergey Zaikov
Producers: Natalia Gorina, Sergey Snezhkin, Platon Emih

Production: Tvin Media
Distribution: Antipode – Sales and Distribution