Wir sagen Du! Schatz. / Family Rules!

Wir sagen Du! Schatz. / Family Rules!

Marc Meyer | Tragicomedy | 97min | Germany 2007 | OmeU | FSK 12

Oliver doesn’t want to be alone at Christmas and steals a wife, three children, a grandfather, a grandmother and a dog. On the 18th floor of an abandoned building, he begins to educate the heterogeneous group to be his family. Anarchy and chaos break out and lead to a small-scale war in which life and death are at stake.

Saturday, 25.12. | 20:00 Uhr

Dad Oliver Eckstein: Samuel Finzi
Mum Sofia: Nina Kronjäger
Daughter Maya: Anna Maria Mühe
Grandma Edna: Margot Nagel
Grandpa Horst: Harald Warmbrunn
Son Ennio: Ennio Incannova
Baby Mätzchen: Noray Pliestermann

Director, Writer: Marc Meyer
Producer: Faysal Omer
DoP: Peter Polsak-Lohmann
Production Design: Agi Dawaachu
Costume Design: Kathrin Hauer
Makeup: Jil La Monaca
Editor: Diana Karsten
Sound: Mark Wegner
Sound Design: Moritz Hoffmeister
Music: Christian Biegai
Mixing: Jörg Höhne

Production: miko-film