Malous Jul / Malou’s Christmas

Malous Jul / Malou’s Christmas

Claus Bjerre | Comedy | 88min | Denmark 2020 | OmeU | German Premiere

Malou is a rootless and maladapted teenager who, after going through a lot of foster care, ends up in a new family on the small island of Lunø. Her new parents love Christmas, while Malou hates both Christmas and the island. With the help of the sour farm elf Nils she tries to make as much trouble as possible, so that the family will send her home.

Friday, 24.12. | 17:30 Uhr

Malou: Karla My Nordquist
Nils: Lars Ranthe
Bibi: Jytte Kvinesdal
Leif: Ulver Skuli Abildgaard

Director: Claus Bjerre
Writers: Claus Bjerre , Frederik Meldal Nørgaard
Producer: Anders Berthelsen
Executive Producer: Rune Christensen
DoP: Martin Top Jacobsen
Editor: Søren Ottosen
Production Design: Peter de Neergaard
Costume Design: Ida Skov Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
Makeup: Sofie de Mylius
Sound: Lars Lund, Mick Raaschou
Sound Design: Hans Møller
Music: Simon Ravn

Production: Ja Film
Distribution: Angel Distribution

Supporting Film

En Fremmed kommer Hjem / A Stranger comes Home

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