Short Film Day: Christmas Rebels

Short Film Day: Christmas Rebels

9 national & international Short Films | 83min

The last Steinhaus cinema evening of the year is entirely dedicated to the theme of ‘Christmas’. Nine unconventional short films tell of spontaneous encounters, disputes at the dinner table, relationship problems, lively seniors, wild creatures, magical animals and lots of nervously blinking lights.
In cooperation with and Steinhaus e.V. on the occasion of the Short Film Day. All films in German language.

Wednesday, 21.12.2022 | 20:00 Uhr (entry starting at 19:00 Uhr)
Steinhaus, Steinstraße 37, 02625 Bautzen, Germany

Widerstand / Resistance

Benjamin Hujawa | Comedy | 3min | Germany 2019
A family discussion on Christmas can only be brought to an end by extreme measures.

Er und Sie / He and She

Marco Gadge | Dramedy | 16min | Germany 2015
Thomas is sad after breaking up with his girlfriend. He then meets Annemarie at a lonely rest stop. Talking to the quirky old woman, he realises that, whatever happens, life will always present you with reasons not to give up.

Es blinkt so schön / It shines so nicely

Ekin Tutan, Lydia Meyer | Essay Film | 10min | Germany, Turkey 2013
An emotional look at the similarities between Berlin and Istanbul at Christmas time.

Oh Tannenbaum / Oh Christmas Tree

Caroline Schenk, Manuel Schuepfer, Sam Radvila | Experimental Film | 2min | Switzerland 2017
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, your leaves are so unchanging.


Christof Pilsl | Comedy | 19min | Germany 2017
It’s the 5th of December – the one evening, when the children in southern Germany are traditionally visited by Saint Nicholas and his grim companion Krampus, who gets to decide, whether the little rascals are to be rewarded or punished for their behaviourduring the year.


Ramon Arango | Animation | 2min | Switzerland 2018
A lone wanderer deep in an ancient forest encounters a pack of strange creatures.

We will survive

Nele Dehnenkamp | Documentary | 29min | Germany 2018
The Julie Roger House is no ordinary retirement home – it’s unique in Germany. Here, seniors of all sexual orientation are offered more than just a home in old age.

Best Wishes

Jeroen Houben | Comedy | 1min | Netherlands 2015
Two men are drawn into a duel over whose house has the best christmas light display.

Warum mag jeder Weihnachten! / Why everybody likes Christmas!

Stefan Vogt | Animation | 2min | Germany 2014
Everybody knows that Christmas is so widely loved. But just why we all like it so much will be explained by the scientist in this film.