Fireplace Shorts

Sunday, 24.12.2017 | 7:00 pm

Fireplace Shorts

10 International Short Films | 72min | OmeU

Come, we sit down by the fire and listen to pleasant stories. Tales of love in times of Tinder, chaotic family affairs, architectural challenges and clever children. When fish learn to speak and Christmas trees seek shelter, it gets warm in the room and in our hearts.

The Tree

Reza Yarkhalaji | Experimental Film | 2min | Iran 2017 | OV
Interfaith dialogue…

Merry Christmas Virgie

Bobby Bonifacio, Jr. | Comedy, Drama | 17min | Guam 2016 | OmeU | German Premiere
Virgie, a Filipina migrant worker in Guam, is desperate to be with someone on Christmas. When she decides to meet a guy from a dating app, she’s in for an emotional rollercoaster.


Dianne Ouellette | Experimental Film | 3min | Canada 2015 | OV | German Premiere
Alexander is 5 years old and it’s Christmas. I gave him my Super 8-camera to keep him entertained, and as he filmed his family he repeatedly went back to the door.

This Year’s Angel

Bethany Spreadborough | Animation | 8min | USA 2016 | OV | German Premiere
Matthias finds himself all alone, that is, until a beautiful angel appears atop the Christmas tree.

Al sur de la Navidad / South of Christmas

Juan Pablo Anselmi | Fantasy, Comedy | 12min | Argentina 2017 | OmeU | German Premiere
After years of Santa Claus never bringing them the presents they asked for, a group of children set in motion a plan to change Christmas forever.

Best Wishes

Jeroen Houben | Comedy | 1min | Netherlands 2015 | OV
Two men are drawn into a duel over whose house has the best christmas light display.

Redesigning Christmas

Torill Kove | Animation | 2min | Canada, Norway 2014 | OV | German Premiere
Architects love Christmas. Why? It’s badly designed.

Christmas with Dad

Conor McCormack | Documentary | 12min | UK 2008 | OV
23-year-old AJ and his family prepare for the festive season and the arrival of an eighth child. The film reveals a young man struggling to define his role as a father haunted by his own childhood and facing an uncertain future.

Jak przyrządzić karpia? / How to prepare a Christmas carp?

Jan Bujnowski | Comedy | 12min | Poland 2016 | OmeU
A little boy is trying to convince his parents that the carp, meant to become a traditional Christmas dish and temporarily kept in their bathtub, can talk with people.

She & Him – Christmas Memories

WATTS | Music Video | 4min | USA 2016 | OV | German Premiere
The scrawny tree that nobody wanted embarks on a journey to find a home on Christmas Eve while pursued by a relentless wood chipper.