Universal Wonders (Shorts)

Universal Wonders (Shorts)

9 International Short Films | 91min

The Christmas season seems to be a magical time. It doesn’t need sorcery, just nice people around. From adventures in space, Santas before their retirement, unusual animal encounters, stolen presents and the importance of neighbourly love: miracles happen all the time.

Thursday, 21.12. | 20:00 Uhr


Stephan Robinson, Andrew Robinson | Animation | 3min | Australia 2022 | OmeU
Three travellers journey across the galaxy, following a star to a tiny planet, for a small, hidden and yet cosmic event.

Shine On

Yujin Mingala | Animation | 2min | UK 2021 | OV | German Premiere
When a star falls to Earth, he feels his life is over – but perhaps, with the right friend, it is about to begin again.

Das Evangelium nach Guido / The Gospel According To Guido

Thomas Hütte | Documentary | 11min | Germany 2023 | OmeU
As refugees seek aid in a former military church, its atheist janitor contemplates the purpose of religion and his own faith.

Remember It’s Christmas

Sam Kite | Comedy | 21min | USA 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
Between a lifelong career of playing Santa at private parties, and working a second job as a caretaker for a forgetful sundowner, a working class actor decides to hang up his red suit and make this his final holiday season.

La Carta en el Árbol / The Letter on the Tree

Juan González Henao | Fantasy, Drama | 11min | Colombia 2021 | OmeU | German Premiere
At Christmas time, three children have a special wish that only their faith in Santa Claus can make come true.


Kiki Allgeier | Dramedy | 17min | USA 2022 | OmeU
Liz, a woman in her forties is dealing with the aftermath of a breakup around the worst time of year to do such a thing: the holidays. After all, tis the season to experience depression. Juggling her emotionally-absent-but-trying father and her feelings, Liz is faced with the most unlikely mirror: a wounded Pigeon.

The Sleeping Time

Mahmood Gholami | Animation | 4min | Iran 2021 | OV | German Premiere
Early morning on a winter’s day, sparrows on a tree disturbing the woodcutters sleep.

Unlocking Christmas

Emmet Colton | Comedy | 19min | UK 2023 | OmeU | European Premiere
Jason discovers a magical key that allows Santa to open any lock in the world and, as long as he can avoid the police for long enough, he is about to have a Christmas Eve that he’ll never forget.

woeinwille / wherethereisawill

Patrick Topitschnig | Experimental Film | 3min | Austria 2005 | OV
Christmas. Puch 175SV. 10hp. Smoke and mirrors.