Eggnog Inferno (Shorts)

Eggnog Inferno (Shorts)

9 International Short Films | 84min

When the wind blows hard and darkness falls early, it gets spooky. Frightening creatures squeeze through the chimney into our homes. Ghosts, zombies, vampires, monsters, killers, elves, aliens and demons: They all try to get in. And once they made it, an eerily funny holiday takes its course.

Friday, 22.12. | 21:15 Uhr

Yule Log!

John Yost | Black Comedy | 9min | USA 2019 | OV | German Premiere
In this, the most joyous of seasons, cuddle up and join us for a nice warm fire.

In The Heat

Sam Chou | Animation | 18min | Canada 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
When a bruised and battered man claiming to be Santa Clause is arrested for the murder of a child, the interrogating officers uncover a story more bizarre and horrific than expected. A violent Christmas rivalry between the forces of good and evil where the outcome hinges on a promise made decades ago.


Brian Quintero | Horror, Comedy | 15min | Canada 2022 | OmeU | German Premiere
Two associates finally get together during the holiday season to reminisce on their past glory days, hash out their differences, and rejoice by embracing a new, disturbing legacy.


Cédric Dorval, Kim Eustachon, Baptiste Jouary, Sarah Landrevie | Animation | 2min | Canada 2022 | OV | German Premiere
A little girl awake on Christmas Eve is disturbed by mysterious occurrences.


Erik Ely | Mystery | 7min | Brazil 2020 | OmeU | German Premiere
On a Christmas Eve, two children decide to play with an Ouija board. It’s Christmas, time to celebrate life, spread love and sow hope. So it’s good to be close to those we love, even if they’re dead.

The Traveller

Carter Ferguson | Mystery | 11min | UK 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
All salesman Elliot wants to do is get back to his family but on Christmas Eve an ancient evil has other plans.

Como cada jueves / Like Every Thursday

J.M. Asensio | Horror | 10min | Spain 2022 | OmeU | German Premiere
On Christmas Eve, a young woman is involved in a robbery at a gas station where she goes every Thursday to pick up something very important to her.


Maurice Huvelin | Animation | 5min | France 2012 | OmeU
Swans sing before they die. It were no bad thing, should certain persons die before they sing. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Three Houses Down

Ty Huffer | Horror, Comedy | 7min | USA 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
Ah… the Holidays. Filled with joy, laughter, and cheer. And this year, murderous, knife-wielding elves. On Christmas Eve, Tiffany learns that being on the naughty list means more than a lump of coal in your stocking when she encounters a malevolent Imp among the presents under the Christmas tree.