Holiday Lights (Shorts)

Holiday Lights (Shorts)

10 International Short Films | 89min

Not everything has to run smoothly on Christmas. We accompany a family as they try to shoot a portrait, gain an insight into a chaotic shared flat, follow the everyday work of an elf actress in a shopping mall, witness two real Christmas enthusiasts, receive greetings from outer space and ask ourselves why fairy lights can’t shine so bright all year round.

Sunday, 24.12. | 19:00 Uhr

Above Home for Christmas

Justin Golightly | Sci-Fi | 5min | USA 2016 | OmeU | German Premiere
Alone on a space station for Christmas, an astronaut brings the holiday spirit to the darkness of space.

Getting Rid of My Little Christmas Tree

Milo Straghalis | Essay Film | 5min | USA 2020 | OV
Using a collection of footage from the streets of Midtown Manhattan and his apartment, film student Milo captures the joy and sadness found in the holiday season – all while searching for a new home for his Christmas tree.

Portrait einer Familie / Portrait of a family

Jonah Wögerbauer | Comedy | 5min | Austria 2023 | OmeU
An upper class family’s attempt to take a family portrait on Christmas Eve ends in disaster.

Baby Santa

Keirsten Houser, Dustin Abernathy, Molly Abernathy | Comedy | 6min | USA 2022 | OV
Just in time for the “Christmas Classic”, Chris and Herald invite a news crew in to film all of their christmas decor. At the last minute Nicholas, Christopher’s nephew, joins and chaos ensues.

Bébittes / One of a kind

Pascale Drevillon | Dramedy | 15min | Canada 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
Tree, turkey and tinsel – everything is ready for Laurence’s festive Christmas with her roommates. Enzo even promised he’d play nice with Manu, who is finally going to emerge from her room.

Umidvor / Hopeful

Shahzod To’xtaboyev | Drama | 5min | Uzbekistan 2023 | OmeU
A mother waits for her son and his family to celebrate New Year’s Eve.


Trevor Hardy | Animation | 1min | UK 2014 | OV
A little busker gets more from a stranger than money.

What the Elf?!

Tate Hanyok, Cameron Kelly | Comedy | 36min | USA 2023 | OV | German Premiere
When a b-list actress gets canned from her network gig, she takes the only other job she’s qualified for: A Christmas Elf at the mall.

All Year Round

Gabrielle Edmiston | Animation | 4min | USA 2023 | OV
A sprite that lives in holiday lights fears being turned off each year until he finds home in a house that keeps it’s lights on all year round.

La Boule à Neige / The Snowglobe

Ambre Vanneste | Comedy | 5min | Belgium 2023 | OmeU | German Premiere
Christmas is a disgusting, commercial holiday that our main character, the Grumpy Man, truly despises, but cannot escape.