Frosty Shorts

Friday, 22.12.2017 | 6:15 pm

Frosty Shorts

13 International Short Films | 91min
Guests: Josh Trett, Ozgur Ozcan, Pascal Stervinou, Benoît Meneu

Put your jacket on and off we go. On this frosty journey from Alaska to Alexanderplatz we meet brave fathers, arrogant bosses, crazy lovers and Bavarian family ties. Colorful flickering shows the way through the dark winter time. As landscapes and memories pass by, the last one out turns off the lights.


Kirk W. Murray | Thriller | 1min | USA 2016 | OV | German Premiere
After a mother finds her two children up late one cold December night, she searches the house only to find the terrifying reason.

Eternal Winter, Blessed Be Him

David Tabor | Animation | 3min | USA 2015 | OV | International Premiere
A man makes a strenuous and isolated pilgrimage through blizzards and across mountains. Letting go of his past and warmly greeting his chilly future.

The Problem of the Wilderness

Tom Welsh | Documentary | 3min | UK, USA 2017 | OmeU
“It is well to reflect that the wilderness furnishes perhaps the best opportunity for pure esthetic enjoyment.” – Bob Marshall (1930)

Tennessee Snow Day

Aaron Mirtes | Comedy | 2min | USA | 2016 | OV
The somewhat tragic, mostly comical story of a boy in Tennessee, USA who wakes up to a very rare snow day and decides to go sledding.

Julkort – Postais de Natal / Julkort – Christmas Cards

Nuno Braumann | Documentary | 9min | Portugal, Sweden 2015 | OmeU | German Premiere
A different Christmas where the landscape serves as reflection and as a metaphor for memory.

Blue-Zoo Xmas

Max Taylor | Animation | 1min | UK 2012 | OV
At a bus stop, a child starts a snowball fight.

Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?

Josh Trett | Drama | 9min | UK 2016 | OV | German Premiere
With Christmas two days around the corner, a young couple enjoying a night of festivities stumble across a stranger struggling to embrace the season.


Christof Pilsl | Comedy | 19min | Germany 2017 | OmeU
It’s the 5th of December – the one evening, when the children in southern Germany are traditionally visited by Saint Nicholas and his grim companion Krampus, who gets to decide, whether the little rascals are to be rewarded or punished for their behaviour during the year. Three families are gathered in their living rooms and the parents really enjoy to frighten their offspring with scary stories about the Krampus.

The Cotton Candy Operation

Ozgur Ozcan | Documentary | 7min | Deutschland 2017 | OV | German Premiere
In the postmodern urban area, an amusement park is opening gates year after year to encounter people around Christmas time. This documentary is focusing on entertainment and daily life culture with a freestyle filmmaking attempt.

Carol of the Bells – Computer Controlled Christmas Lights

Richard Holdman | Light Display | 2min | USA 2007 | OV
Around 50.000 lights are synchronising to a well-known Christmas Classic.

The Christmas Light Killer

James P. Gannon | Documentary | 7min | USA 2016 | OV | German Premiere
Every night in December people in a small suburb of Philadelphia flock to a holiday light show. They drive at a snails pace through the 2 mile stretch of beautiful light displays, listening to holiday music, soaking up the Christmas spirit. But at the end of each night one man drives the stretch alone, turning off all of the lights, ending the joy day after day.


Pascal Stervinou | Thriller | 20min | France 2016 | OmeU | German Premiere
An arrogant businessman is stuck in the elevator of his office building for four days. This event will take an unexpected turn and change him forever.

The 12 Days Of Christmas: A Tale Of Avian Misery

Craig Ainsley, Ben White | Animation | 8min | UK 2016 | OV | Cinema Premiere
What if someone actually gave those gifts from ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ song?