Mercy Christmas

Sunday, 24.12.2017 | 9:00 pm

Mercy Christmas

Ryan Nelson | Comedy, Horror | 83min | USA 2017 | OV | International Premiere

Michael Briskett crunches numbers in his isolated, windowless office while co-workers enjoy the Christmas party he wasn’t invited to. But lucky for him, he meets the perfect woman and his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family’s holiday celebration. Michael’s dream shatters once he realizes that HE will be the Christmas dinner. A twisted and clever movie about the horrors of family tradition.

Michael Briskett: Steven Hubbell
Andy Robillard: Cole Gleason
CIndy Robillard: Casey O’Keefe
Katherine: Whitney Nielsen
Eddie: DJ Hale
Bart Robillard: Ryan Boyd
Abe Robillard: David Ruprecht
Granny Robillard: Gwen Van Dam
Denise: Dakota Shepard
Phillip: Joey Keane
Clark Cooper: Steven Bartlett
Candace: Dani Haberman
Pam: Catie Boles
Leslie: Tina Hartell

Stunt Coordinator: Taylor Estevez
Stunts: Janelle Beaudry, Amanda Piscitello

Director: Ryan Nelson
Writer: Ryan Nelson, Beth Levy Nelson
Producer: Beth Levy Nelson, Tarquin Alexander, Ryan Nelson
Executive Producer: Everardo Goyanes
Co-Producer: Kevin Culligan
UPM: Jennifer A. Haire
Cinematography: Kenneth Neil Moore, Ryan Nelson
Editor: Matt Evans
Composer: Mark Leonard
Composer/Music Editor: Chris Bills, Daniel Lepervanche
Sound Mixer: Rob Reider
Costume Designer: Gillian Burns
Special Effects Makeup: Greg Nelson
Visual Effects: G2 Immersive Studios

Production: No Mercy Pictures
Distribution: Gravitas Ventures