Drama before Christmas (Shorts)

Drama before Christmas (Shorts)

5 International Short Films | 87min
Guest: Georgina Pretto

Especially on Christmas, emotions run high. Longings for closeness, tenderness and appreciation grow like a flame. It’s going to be hard for outsiders. Financial, health and family problems become a crucial test during this sentimental holiday season. And sometimes it feels good to know that you are not alone with all the burden. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.

Sunday, 23.12. | 22:30 Uhr

Les Bigorneaux / The Winkles

Alice Vial | Drama | 24min | France 2017 | OmeU
Zoé works with her father Guy in his bar in France. Since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out. One morning, she starts suffering from dizziness and nausea.

W grudniu po południu / When hell freezes over

Filip Bojarski | Drama | 15min | Poland 2017 | OmeU | German Premiere
Jędrzej plans to become Santa Claus in order to cheer up his neighbour’s kids. Unfortunately, Jędrzej’s mother has doubts about his interpersonal skills.

La Slitta / The Sled

Emanuela Ponzano | Drama | 19min | Italy 2016 | OmeU
A sled brings together two boys from different countries and cultures and carries them through the winter woods of the Italian mountains, far away from their parents’ prejudices and isolation.

Adela / Adele

Evangelina Montes | Drama | 14min | Argentina 2017 | OmeU
Adele, a solitary60 year old woman, is the treasurer of a local club. She spends most of her time there with her only friend Noemi. At Christmas they think of their teenage times and try to approach each other again.


S.J. Main Muñoz | Drama | 15min | USA 2018 | OV | German Premiere
When a middle-aged suburbanite struggles to reconnect with his family after an extramarital affair, he’s forced to confront his scornful mother-in-law.