Hard to believe (Shorts)

Family Affairs (Shorts)

12 International Short Films | 84min

Christmas is the time for family. But you can’t choose yours, right? And the concept of mom and dad and child does not always work as hoped. We celebrate all underdogs, the good friends, buoyant pensioners, alternative forms of living together, same-sex couples and all families who give a damn about a perfect Christmas. Surrounded by loved ones there is warmth.

Monday, 24.12. | 18:45 Uhr

Maldita Navidad / Fucking Christmas

Edna Sierra | Drama | 1min | Colombia 2017 | OmeU
Diego calls his ex-wife with the desire to give his little daughter a gift.

Ruby pleine de marde / Ruby full of Shit

Jean-Guillaume Bastien | Comedy | 19min | Canada 2016 | OmeU
Denis finds himself spending Christmas dinner with his lover’s family. Fiercely Catholic and stubbornly traditional, the family is completely unaware of their son’s relationship with Denis. However, a psychological cat and mouse duel takes place between Denis and Ruby, the rotten niece.

A Memory Of Christmas

Ainslie Henderson | Animation | 2min | UK 2014 | OV
A private reminisces on a strange childhood memory.

Das geringste Übel / The least Evil

Elisa Unger | Documentary | 11min | Germany 2014 | OmeU
Elisa Unger takes a look behind the scenes of her patchwork family and tries to understand why ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ separated years ago.


Eduardo Rufeisen | Drama | 2min | Brazil, USA 2017 | OV | World Premiere
The Implacability of time and its impact on family life seen through Christmas over the years.

Music for one X-mas and Six Drummers

Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, Ola Simonsson | Comedy | 5min | Sweden 2010 | OmeU
Six drummers disguise themselves and sneak into an elderly home. Secretly, they perform a piece of music for sewing machines, knittings and a Christmas tree.

He Could’ve Gone Pro

McGhee Monteith | Drama | 13min | USA 2016 | OV | International Premiere
Debbie returns home for Christmas dinner, but simmering resentment about a long-held family secret threat to explode, leaving the holiday – and the family – shattered.

House Of Xmas

Aurélien Heilbronn / BRAVÒ | Documentary | 3min | USA 2017 | OV
“Voguing is family, inspiration, acceptance, love, dare.”

Fortune Faded

Alexander Heringer | Animation | 3min | Germany 2012 | OV
While smoking a cigarette, a man thinks about the fire that once destroyed his life. But going further back in time shows the true origin of the fire.

Verde Pistacho / Pistachio Green

Paco Cavero | Comedy, Sci-Fi | 12min | Spain 2016 | OmeU | German Premiere
Christmas has arrived, and with it the problems with little Tomás, who has disturbed the peace of a neighbor nearby throwing all kinds of objects. The reprimands of his parents will lead to an unexpected visit. Maybe now his son is not the biggest problem.

Seas of Metropolis

David Tabor | Animation | 6min | USA | 2014 | OV
Beneath the tree lies a pile of presents. Inside of one, the video game ‘Seas of Metropolis’ awaits.

If Family Christmas was honest

The Grimes Brothers | Comedy | 6min | USA 2017 | OV
The holidays are a time for family, but don’t you wish everyone just said what they were thinking.