Almost forgotten (Shorts)

Almost forgotten (Shorts)

9 International Short Films | 88min
Guests: Reece Morgado, Alexander Abramov, Ksenia Smirnova

Forgetting is easy. Whether locals in remote regions, seniors in retirement homes, childhood pets, people in need or deceased friends: Here they come to light in awake memories. And maybe modern technology can help.

Saturday, 21.12. | 17:30 Uhr


Micky Wozny | Animation | 1min | UK 2018 | OV
Revisiting memories of a childhood pet.

La casa de todos / Everyone’s home

Mario Damian Funes | Documentary | 15min | Argentina 2019 | OmeU
A documentary filmmaker wants to film ‘a very special day’ in a Home for the Elderly. But he realizes that he is part of it.

Nativity in Crochet

Katharine Waddle, Stephan Robinson | Experimental Film | 2min | Australia 2019 | OV | German Premiere
A look at a stunning art piece created for Christmas.

Royal Blood

Benjamin Rouse | Comedy | 15min | Canada 2019 | OV | European Premiere
A privileged young woman tries to find the compassionate higher ground when she is torn between the narcissistic insecurities of her former beauty queen mother, and The Queen, a mentally ill homeless woman who puts on regal airs.

La Niña de los Fósforos / The Little Match Girl

Reece Morgado | Animation | 4min | UK 2019 | OmeU | International Premiere
Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen.

Палех / Palekh – Back on the map

Alexander Abramov | Documentary | 23min | Russia 2019 | OmeU | European Premiere
The small village of Palekh is a typical Russian province. Except for one detail: Every tenth resident here is a painter. For locals the unique art of lacquer miniature used to be their bread and their fame. Times have changed. However, the spirit of creativity still inhabits this remote place.

Experience Mobile Mobile

Yanni Kronenberg, James Théophane | Experimental Film | 1min | UK 2009 | OV
Old mobile phones are synchronized to play a traditional Christmas song.


Daniel Prince | Sci-Fi, Comedy | 14min | UK 2018 | OV
A small UFO is trying to impress and gain acceptance from his friends. Whilst trying to do so, he inadvertently changes Christmas forever.


Stephan Eigenmann | Sci-Fi, Drama | 14min | USA 2019 | OmeU
A mother is grieving over her daughter, who died in combat, through the help of futuristic technology.