Crazy Christmas (Shorts)

Crazy Christmas (Shorts)

9 International Short Films | 95min
Guest: Rod Sprinckmöller

Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll: A lesbian dominatrix spanking Santa, animal instincts on the internet, devil summons, bizarre couple dynamics, questionable friendships, distorted realities and a drug trip through Paris. Madness has a name: Christmas.

Friday, 20.12. | 23:00 Uhr

Face à face dans la nuit / Face to face in the night

Loïc Hobi | Documentary | 7min | France 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
Millions of people are connected on cam 2 cam websites. Moving pictures from all over the world are lost in the immensity of the internet where human nature reigns.

The Coming Of Cindy Claus

Reinilde Jonkhout | Experimental Film | 24min | Netherlands 2018 | OmeU | German Premiere
The global, religious, tyrannical dictator father figure that is Sinterklaas learns a lesson taught by the whip, handled by his long-lost lesbian twin sister Cindy Claus. With physical punishment and pagan mid-winter rituals she forces him to celebrate his suppressed feminine side.

That Time of Year

Chay Collins | Dark Comedy | 1min | UK 2011 | OV
It’s Christmas Eve and it’s Santa’s last delivery.

Jingle All to Hell

Rod Sprinckmöller | Dark Comedy | 7min | Germany 2019 | engl. OV | International Premiere
Two friends find out why proofreading is important.

Peeping Winkle

Michael Linhart | Animation | 11min | Australia 2018 | OmeU | German Premiere
Old Mr. Winkle knows about the lonely life of his wheelchair restricted young neighbor Malvin. The boy’s only wish for Christmas is to get a friend. Then Old Mr. Winkle is given the opportunity to make his young neighbors Christmas wish come true but with irrevocable consequences.

高飛車女とモテない君 / Mr. Nerd & the Woman in high-handed Attitude

Masao Konno | Comedy | 13min | Japan 2013 | OmeU | International Premiere
A couple that couldn’t be more different: she snobbish, he clumsy. Will Christmas save their messed up relationship?


Natasha Girlina | Comedy | 3min | Russia 2018 | OV
Youth in your hearts.


Jakub Drobczynski | Drama | 23min | Poland 2019 | OmeU
An uncle arrives to take his young nephew home for Christmas. On the way, something strange begins to happen to him. But is it really his familiar home?

Smoke My Christmas

Clement Desnos, Jean-David Fabre, Julien Perron, Remi Salmon, Vincent Verniers | Animation | 5min | France 2010 | OV
The fantasy trip of a bum on Christmas Eve.