Underdogs (Shorts)

Underdogs (Shorts)

10 International Short Films | 95min
Guests: Paula Alonso, Mars Nicoli, Lisa Gaultier, Susannah Cliff, Codrin Vasile, Kevin de la Isla O’Neill, Susan Barrett

Christmas is for everyone. And in the end, we’re all the same. Gender, skin colour, religion, impairment, sexual orientation, status or salary are irrelevant. Even nerds are warmly welcome. We strive against the stream and celebrate the brave underdogs!

Friday, 20.12. | 18:15 Uhr


Jannik Gensler | Drama | 5min | Germany 2018 | OmeU
Family. Doubts! Solidarity?

From a Light Within: A Christmas Story

Beth Wishart MacKenzie | Documentary | 10min | Canada 2018 | OmeU | European Premiere
Each year, despite his challenges, Bill decorates his house with Christmas lights. Memories of days gone by inspire and guide his work. This year Bill decorates with a special purpose: his brother is coming!


Kevin de la Isla O’Neill | Comedy | 11min | Ireland 2017 | OmeU | German Premiere
Busy-body mother Maureen battles Principal Finan during a parent-teacher meeting concerning her son Greg and his unusual behaviour during the school’s nativity play rehearsals.


Codrin Vasile | Documentary | 14min | Romania 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
Alin is a truck driver and he is having his last trip to Italy for the year, before he can return home for Christmas to his wife and son.

Cadoul / The Gift

Dumitru Grosei | Drama | 17min | Romania 2015 | OmeU | German Premiere
A kid gets a pair of binoculars as a Christmas gift, but what he wants more is to go hunting with his father.


Ramon Arango | Animation | 2min | Switzerland 2018 | OV | German Premiere
A lone wanderer deep in an ancient forest encounters a pack of strange creatures.

Santa Woman

Ari Williams | Comedy | 6min | USA 2016 | OV
Santa Claus is coming to town! For a change the protagonist is a young woman who just wants to be Santa.

Adam and Steve

Paula Alonso | Dramedy | 13min | UK 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
Adam and Mary, two gay siblings, decide to bring their partners home for Christmas dinner. They really don’t want to come out though, so they come up with a plan; they’ll swap partners and pretend to be two straight couples.

The Christmas Sneeze

Kintan Chauhan | Animation | 1min | USA 2019 | OV
Love yourself too!

Sisters Kill Misters

Chezdan Mills | Dark Comedy | 15min | UK 2019 | OV | German Premiere
Three estranged sisters from a council estate in Bolton reunite for Christmas, only to spend the night disposing of an abusive husband.