Wintergast / Winter Guest

Wintergast / Winter Guest

Andy Herzog, Matthias Günter | Tragicomedy | 83min | Switzerland 2015 | OmeU

A film author has a creative crisis. The production company is breathing down his neck and he has to deliver a finished manuscript by the end of the year. As the crisis spreads to his relationship and financial situation, he accepts a job as a youth hostel tester and travels through snow-covered Switzerland. The mood shortly before Christmas is very strange, so that he meets equally strange characters. There is plenty of time for him to get to know himself.

Friday, 20.12. | 20:45 Uhr

Stefan Keller: Andy Herzog
Partner Christina: Sophie Hutter
Produzentin Marion Bürki: Susann Rüdlinger
Friend Murat: Cihan Inan
Michael: Michael Neuenschwander
Silke: Katarina Schröter

Directors, Writers: Andy Herzog, Matthias Günter
Producer: Andy Herzog, Matthias Günter
DoP: Matthias Günter
Sound: Mike Selzen
Editor: Matthias Günter
Sound Design: Tobias Koch, Jascha Dormann
Music: John Gürtler, Jan Miserre (Paradox Paradise)
Mixing: Gregor Bonse
Color Grading: Peter Guyer

Production: Matthias Günter Filmproduktion
Distribution: déjà-vu Film