Myths of Water, Snow and Ice (Shorts)

Myths of Water, Snow and Ice (Shorts)

9 International Short Films | 87min

Cold winds, rough nights, stormy seas: The open sea has drawn humans since the beginning of time. And when the grey rain crystallizes into tender snowflakes, magic seems to be at play. In the dark winter days, tales entwine around childhood memories, incomprehensibly beautiful forces of nature and the eternal cycle of water.

Sunday, 26.12. | 17:30 Uhr

Perla / Pearls

Eyþór Jóvinsson | Drama, Mystery | 7min | Iceland 2019 | European Premiere
A sailor is taken from his family after he gets called out to sea on Christmas day.

Outer – Snowfox

Bert Juliaan Vercruysse | Music Video | 3min | Belgium, Iceland 2018 | OV | German Premiere
An interpretation of George Orwell’s story “1984” – conveying a similar dark and dystopian future, which at times seems like it’s moving closer.

Luge / Sledge

Mickaël Dupré | Animation | 13min | France 2019 | OmeU
Marion would like to go sledding on “the” hill of her childhood. She brings her brother to the mountains in order to find it once more.

Ślady / Marks

Magdalena Synoradzka | Experimental Film | 3min | Poland 2019 | OV | German Premiere
This is the story of an ordinary man, a traveller, who walks across snowy fields, at the peep of day, thinking…


Yaroslav Minenko | Experimental Film | 9min | Ukraine 2019 | OmeU
From year to year, sacrifices are made in favor of a pseudo ancient ritual. Young and beautiful figures are visiting the city, but will never see the ocean nor leave ever again.

Hey Deer!

Örs Bárczy | Animation | 6min | Hungary 2015 | OV
A snow shoveling deer suffers from extraordinary earthquakes every night.

The Santa Cruise

Maxwell Mueller | Documentary | 21min | USA 2020 | OmeU | European Premiere
40 Santas professionalise their skills on a week-long Alaskan Cruise.

A Time To Remember

Ben Page, James Hamer, Sam Oakes | Travel Film | 5min | UK 2018 | OV
Travel across the wild winter highlands of northern Scotland as one man recollects a youth spent exploring the hidden corners of his homeland.

A Barca / The Ferry

Nilton Resende | Drama, Mystery | 19min | Brazil 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
On Christmas Eve, two women engage in dialogue in a barge as it glides over the waters of a dark, icy pond. An unexpected event will leave its mark at the end of this crossing.