Somewhere, Home (Shorts)

Somewhere, Home (Shorts)

13 International Short Films | 89min

While spending time with loved ones at Christmas, turmoil is usually inevitable: Misunderstandings at the Nativity scene, heartache on Christmas Eve, vegetarians versus carnivores, helping spiders in a retirement home, the courage of singles or simply just feeling the spirit of childhood. Whether with old or new acquaintances: Home is where your heart is.

Friday, 24.12. | 20:00 Uhr

Währendessen in Tirol / In the meantime in Austria

Manuel Bovio | Animation | 2min | Autsria 2020 | OmeU | International Premiere
In a small Austrian mountain town, we become witnesses of a little misunderstanding between Joseph and three wise men.

Into the Bleak

Craig Andrew Robertson | Drama | 3min | UK 2020 | OmeU | German Premiere
A desperate girl times her first break-up to coincide with Christmas dinner at her boyfriend’s parents.


Johanna Sutherland | Drama, Fantasy | 9min | Sweden, UK 2020 | OV | German Premiere
At a bustling Lucia dinner party, a young girl, ignored and patronised by the adult conversation around her, forms an unspoken bond with an elderly lady across the table.

O Night Divine

Eliot Rausch | Drama | 4min | USA 2011 | OV
A modern-day nativity story based in present day Los Angeles.

Silent Night

Anna Artemyeva | Documentary | 12min | Portugal, Russia 2019 | OmeU
The story about Edmundo who lives alone in the downtown of Lisbon and never gives up.


Maria McDonnell, Michael Verastegui | Animation | 6min | USA 2019 | OV
In a retirement home where the retired folks keep unusual pets, one man meets a spider who is determined to not let the neglected elderly miss out on the Christmas party that they all deserve.

Stille Nacht / Silent Night

Alexandra Rieser | Comedy | 12min | Austria 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
Vegetarian Elias returns to his home village on Christmas Eve to celebrate together with his mother. But this year her new boyfriend Fritz will join as well – and he is a butcher.

Leaving to live

David Rodrigues | Drama | 8min | France 2019 | OmeU
On December 24 Alexandra makes the important decision to leave her marital home with her 7-year-old daughter Léa. She asks her to promise not to say anything to her father.

Hjerterom / Beloved

Frida Bogen Lauritzen, Guro Kjensli Johansen | Animation | 6min | Norway 2020 | OmeU
After a young girl is left alone at Christmas, she bumps into an elderly woman stumbling through the snow.

Hey Eindje

Merlijn Passier | Comedy | 11min | Netherlands 2020 | OmeU
Carolien discovers the possibilities of a long-forgotten invention stacked in an old box.

Cold War Christmas

Emma Penaz Eisner | Documentary | 5min | USA 2015 | OmeU
In 1970’s America, an Eastern Bloc immigrant family lovingly celebrates a beautiful Christmas Eve… But is all calm and bright?


Dace Riduze | Animation | 9min | Latvia 2014 | OV
At the snowy forest dwarfs are busy as Christmas Eve is approaching! A freshly baked little gingerbread man comes alive and is very curious.

The Éveillé

Simon Leclercq, Thibault Leclercq | Comedy | 2min | France 2020 | OmeU
Firmin, Maryse and their daughter Nathalie defy the adult generations who all too often forget the essential…