Wild Winter Wonders (Shorts)

Wild Winter Wonders (Shorts)

10 International Short Films | 90min

The strangest things happen at Christmas and these films take it to the next level: A staged thriller in a retirement house, unlucky lottery winners, karate action while skiing, living turkeys, talking gases, the Santa Clause invasion, a human piglet child and more than experimental cooking methods. An exhilarating trip down edgy slopes into the valley of illusion.

Wednesday, 22.12. | 21:15 Uhr

Send Him Home

Kyran Davies, Scott Quinn | Comedy | 3min | UK 2019 | OV
The Christmas advert nobody asked for.

Champ de Mars / Spoils of War

Rokhaya Marrieme Balde | Comedy | 14min | Switzerland 2019 | OmeU
A young filmmaker shoots a thriller in a retirement house with its residents.

С НГ / Merry X-Mas

Ivan Zabazhanov | Dark Comedy | 8min | Russia 2019 | OmeU
A guy opens the door and lets in a strange Santa Claus. But there is a second, third and finally seventh Santa. They take over the flat and wreak havoc.

Estaba Cantado / Jackpot

Cristian Casado, Dennis Gleiss | Comedy | 6min | Spain 2020 | OmeU | German Premiere
Tragedy strikes when a couple wins the lottery, neither of them ready, but some would say eager, for what comes after.

Mountain Hearts on Ice

Eva Münnich, Robin Keast | Music Video | 4min | Germany 2011 | OV
Gian and Lin Nan are on winter holiday. It was supposed to be a great day of skiing on sunny slopes, but the nasty ‘Iceman’ puts a spoke in their wheel.

Нічний Швидкий / The Night Express

Maryna Artemenko, Oksana Artemenko | Comedy | 26min | Ukraine 2019 | OmeU
On a New Year’s Eve journalist Tanya pretends to be a surgeon in order to take a seat in the full train. As an accident occurs and she is asked to save the life of one of the passengers.

¿Estáis ahí? / Are you there?

Ana Maria Ferri | Dramedy | 5min | Spain 2021 | OmeU | German Premiere
No one will remember this insignificant being. Through his eyes we see what day by day we ignore or simply goes unnoticed: the others.

A Piglet’s Tale

Fabrizio Gammardella | Animation | 13min | France, Italy, UK 2020 | OV | German Premiere
A newly-wed couple struggles to have children. They give up their jobs in London and move to the countryside, hoping to fulfil their dreams. Few years later a very special baby is born, one who can turn himself into a piglet.

Cooking with your Mouth

Nathan Ceddia | Satire | 6min | Germany 2019 | OmeU | European Premiere
Sharp knives, blenders, mandolins and whisks can be threatening and suppress one’s creative culinary potential. So, we’ve created mouth cooking to combat risks and reintroduce fun into the kitchen.

The Dinde

Alexis Prost, Charlotte Fargier | Dark Comedy | 5min | France 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
A turkey escapes from a Christmas dinner to party.