Nutcracker Shorts

Saturday, 23.12.2017 | 6:00 pm

Nutcracker Shorts

11 International Short Films | 89min
Guest: Jens Blank

Let us dive into the wild side of Christmas. These short films tell about strange traditions, weird romances, armed robbery and other naughty stuff. Sex included. Of course, bad guys like Krampus, Putin or Trump can’t be missed here. Bring your favorite leather whip and let us crack some nuts.

Внутри квадратоного круга / Inside a Square Circle

Valērijs Ševčenko | Documentary | 18min | Russia 2011 | OmeU
5000 children return from a Christmas party and look for their parents. A seemingly banal premise is turned into a humorous reflection about the archaic forces of parental love, state authority, succumbing to chaos and cell phones as the modern form of the umbilical cord.


James Gandy | Animation | 3min | UK 2017 | OV | German Premiere
A young boy learns what happens when you’re not on Father Christmas’ good list. He’s learning how to get in to the Christmas spirit the hard way when he is visited by the dreaded demon Krampus.

Bleifrei / Unleaded

Nico Hofer | Comedy | 17min | Germany 2016 | OV
Christmas time in the south German province. With his best friend Kalle, Carsten is robbing a lonely gas station. It has to be perfect. Perfect for the security camera as this will tell later what really happened. But then everything seems to go wrong…

Tis the Season

Jens Blank, Anna Benner | Animation | 2min | Germany 2013 | OV
What is Santa and his gang up to during their free time?

Appel D’Urgence / Emergency Call

Raphael Biss | Comedy | 14min | France 2016 | OmeU
After breaking down on a small mountain road, Sebastien falls in deep love with the voice behind the emergency phone booth.

A Little Christmas Miracle

Llamallama / Nomint | Animation | 4min | UK 2012 | OV
The garden leprechaun gnomes Tray and Robert meet Santa who is suffering from a severe stomach ache. They are trying to help Santa by entering his stomach. In his festive guts Tray and Robert have to overcome real and inner demons.

Night Live

Dazhi Huang | Drama | 15min | USA, China 2017 | OmeU | German Premiere
New York and Shanghai: Two guys having casual hook-ups are exposed online in real-time and both have to face instant consequences.


Leah Shore | Animation | 1min | USA, Canada 2014 | OV
Who knew that porn could be this festive?

Ho Malone

John Ferrer | Comedy | 6min | USA 2014 | OV | International Premiere
In this exploitation parody of the John Hughes/Chris Columbus classic, Ho Malone has to protect the only home she knows from a pair of burglars on Christmas Eve.

Gift Away

Shawy | Animation | 1min | France 2017 | OV | German Premiere
Christmas is the worst night for a gift.

В кругу семьи / In the Family Circle

Vladimir Bayandin | Experimental Film | 7min | Russia 2017 | OmeU | German Premiere
A mother has so much faith in the President of Russia, that in her eyes he becomes the head of the family. But there is one problem – her son doesn’t share these beliefs.