Circles of Life (Shorts)

Circles of Life (Shorts)

11 International Short Films | 89min
Guests: Caroline Schenk, Christian Werner

Things never turn out the way you expect. It’s time to celebrate life, with all its ups and downs. Say goodbye, transform, start over. Even stagnation is fine for a while. We dive deep into real tragedies, happy coincidences and virtual worlds. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet Santa, aliens or even Elvis on this roller coaster ride.

Friday, 21.12. | 20:15 Uhr

Il Confine / The Border

Seyedmohammad Jeddi | Drama | 4min | Italy 2018 | OmeU | German Premiere
The Syrian girl Nadin takes care for the grandmother of an Italian family, but it’s also her grandmother’s birthday. On Skype the sound of fireworks in Italy, mixes with the approaching danger in Syria.


Aoífe Doyle | Animation | 9min | Ireland 2017 | OV
Grandmother Alma is faced with the prospect of yet another Christmas without her emigrated family. But the universe conspires to bring her closer to her family than she could ever have imagined.

Der Besuch / The Visit

Christian Werner | Drama | 15min | Germany 2018 | OmeU
In the night before Christmas, Klaus is about to finally quit his volunteer work as Santa Claus. Now of all times he is asked to play Santa one last time at the pediatric intensive care unit.

Oh Tannenbaum / Oh Christmas Tree

Caroline Schenk, Manuel Schuepfer, Sam Radvila | Comedy | 2min | Swiss 2017 | German Premiere
O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, your leaves are so unchanging.


Mark Kerins | Drama, Sci-Fi | 12min | USA 2018 | OV
An ordinary family outing becomes a waking nightmare when a young mother loses her children and her search for them forces her to confront the echoes her past.

夜になった雪のはなし / A Snowflake into the Night

Yoko Yuki | Animation | 6min | Japan 2018 | OmeU | German Premiere
One day, the snow metamorphosed into an earthworm, when it sensed danger for melting. It continues metamorphosing and someday, it will remember her old self.

Beyond the Cosmos

James Hastings | Drama | 12min | UK 2017 | OV
A young boy and a strange man living in the forest were friends. The following Christmas, after the boy’s passing, a mysterious light appears in the sky which leads the man and his family to meet again.

Ours de Glace / Ice Bear

Alexis Coppee, Pierre Bekec, Yohann Palut, Audrey Jouve | Animation | 8min | France 2018 | OV | World Premiere
Jolan is an Inuit child, who lives with a polar bear in a cave made of ice. Unfortunately, his companion’s death is going to change Jolan’s life. He will try to bring him back to life.

The Naughty List

Paul Campion | Comedy | 9min | UK 2016 | OV | German Premiere
On Christmas Eve, two American mobsters come face to face with Santa Claus, and discover what it really takes to get on the Naughty or Nice list.

Dear Satan

Lindsay Scanlan | Animation | 2min | USA 2018 | OV | German Premiere
Always be sure to proofread your outgoing letters for typos!

Death Wish

Chad Costen | Comedy, Mystery | 11min | Canada 2010 | OV | German Premiere
Death touches a little girl’s soul by granting her fondest wish on Christmas Eve.