Todo el año es Navidad / Santa lives in my Town

Todo el año es Navidad / Santa lives in my Town

Néstor Frenkel | Documentary | 77min | Argentina 2018 | OmeU | European Premiere

This is not a movie about Christmas. This is a movie about the construction of fiction, about the protagonists of the charade, about those exploited by the system. The world of Santa Claus is buyable. His myth seems naive and idealized. A job for a month, linked to many rules. Behind the red cape, the white beard and the friendly smile, real characters shimmering through. A movie about angelic beings.

Sunday, 23.12. | 16:00 Uhr

Juan Carlos Marino
Ricardo Castro
Hugo Taddei
Nestor Gallo
Eduardo Cuevas
Carlos Bige
Raúl Espineda
Oscar Grimaldi
Carlos Giaché
Fabián Orce
Walter Zeni

Writer, Director, Editor: Néstor Frenkel
Producer: Sofía Mora
Cinematography: Diego Poleri
Sound Director: Fernando Vega, Hernan Gerard
Music: Gonzalo Córdoba

Production: Vamosviendo Cine
Distribution: Km Sur Distribución