Humans (Shorts)

Humans (Shorts)

8 International Short Films | 94min
Guest: Anna Prudnikova, Anastasia Popkova

“Hearts of mankind are warm. Tonight, all sorrow is gone.” Well, not quite. Even at Christmas, problems and worries won’t vanish. Energy, Empathy and open-mindedness help along the way. With loving people around, every hurdle can be mastered. At the end of the tunnel is light… and the sweet scent of cookies.

Sunday, 22.12. | 18:30 Uhr

Un moment de faiblesse / A moment of Weakness

Nicolas Paban | Drama | 15min | France 2018 | OmeU | German Premiere
On Christmas night, a good man invites an homeless woman to have a hot meal at home.


Richard O’Connor | Animation | 2min | USA 2018 | OV
A journey through North Dublin on Christmas in the rain.

Валенки / Felties

Anna Prudnikova | Dramedy | 20min | Russia 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
In the hope of becoming a mother, Vera is ready to believe in anything, even in the magic of a pair of felt boots. When doctors fail to help, she and her husband, Vanya, travel to the town of Suzdal to find the treasured souvenir.

Christmas Card to Friends

Stephen Fitzgerald, Nathan De Ceasar | Animation | 1min | USA 2012 | OV
I hope these holidays will be a time that you can share with people you love.

Le Goût de la Vie / A Taste of Life

Coline Confort | Documentary | 3min | Switzerland 2019 | OmeU | German Premiere
The circus artist Silke is paraplegic after she fell off her trapeze. Because of her accident, she lost the senses of taste and smell: flavors and scents are only a sweet memory.

Tatínek pod stromek / He was here

Dominik György | Drama | 9min | Czech Republic 2018 | OmeU
Eva with her children and her new boyfriend spend Christmas together. All stopped believing in Santa Claus, but is it possible that he comes back from the past? The children are looking forward to him. What about the adults?

We Will Survive

Nele Dehnenkamp | Documentary | 29min | Germany 2018 | OmeU
The Julie Roger House is no ordinary retirement home – it’s unique in Germany. Here, seniors of all sexual orientation are offered more than just a home in old age.

Dubious Ruffians

Kevin Pickman | Comedy | 16min | USA 2018 | OV | European Premiere
Two siblings hold a family hostage in order for their dying mother to pass away in the beloved house they grew up in.